You finding my blog felt a bit like finding myself naked in the middle of the street. I told you I wouldn’t be mad and I’ll stick to my word, although emotions do boil in me every now and then when I think about it. I guess it’s not so much the fact that you read it — anyone in the world can see it after all — it’s about how you found it, it was a bit shady to look around my computer, don’t you think? Then again, I’d probably do the same in that situation so I am not sure if I am even allowed to be mad at you. I always thought I was the sneaky one, I didn’t expect that from you. Next time you want to know something, ask me nicely and I might as well tell you.

It was nice of you to show appreciation for my writing.
I truly appreciate your art too, and I hope you know it.

Still, you shouldn’t do things behind my back.
I should clear my browser history more often.


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