Do you freecycle?

This nonprofit movement has been around for years, but I’m surprised to still come across many people who have never heard about it.

I came up with a quick list of benefits.

~ It's an upgraded version of recycling, more people oriented and fun.

~ It's great for the environment, keeping useful things out of landfills.

~ It provides an effortless way to help someone.

~ You'll get a lot of free stuff.

~ It's free.

Give it a try?


Karen said...

Yes, I freecycle in Los Angeles and I feel really good about it!


Jules said...

You should! Isn't it such a great concept?

I traveled to Seattle recently to help my sister find a place, and one of the first things we did was sign her up for freecycle, so she could get some stuff for her new apartment without breaking her student budget :) I'm a member in Lincoln, Neb., and Salt Lake City, Utah.

austineller photography said...

My friends in Dallas are apart of this, they also dumpster dive. I am looking to get into it in Oklahoma.

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