Inside an hourglass

This thinking grips my heart
And squeezes it, and bends
I can’t tell you apart
From where my dreaming ends
I might have felt your pride
Elusiveness so tender
Despite this vast divide
Temptation to surrender
You might have dug my mind
From underneath the laughter
So does this world unkind
Allow the ever after?

* * *

I know, they are called the Atlantic… Sometimes fortune cookies really creep me out. But then again, I prefer reading between the lines. I might be on the verge of crossing the great waters in my life, the journey that many won’t understand, especially family. My mind is set however, and I know I can reach the other shore... as I long I remember to breathe.

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humanobserver said...


Jules said...

Putting these things down gave me a temporary relief, but I feel restlessness taking over again and I’m not sure how much writing can do to alleviate it. At least unlike many bitter ones in the past, this pain is bittersweet...

Eppie said...

yeah! Fortune cookies have creepy messages!

but I think the cookie you'v got here is positive....:)

LYDIA said...

I enjoy fortune cookies, but mine are usually pretty general. I do have one taped to the bottom of my computer screen that says "You will make a change for the better within the year." I hope it's not just one change! I am interested in the "great waters in your life" - what many won't understand. Hopefully you will write about it soon.

Jules said...

Hm, about changing waters... Heart affairs are involved in that one ;) I'll write more about that as it advances, if it advances, which I hope it does. I should go into politics with this skirting around the questions. Or wait, they call it tap dancing nowadays ;)

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