My world is falling apart.

I am in a new place, surrounded by new people, but they are not taking bricks out of my walls. My world is falling apart for different reasons. I am surrounded by laughter and phone buzz and road bumps as I fly though the day, and this busyness is making me happy. It’s when my head touches the pillow and the thoughts of work finally slip away, one by one, that I feel the drops burning my cheeks. I feel lost. I feel taken advantage of. I feel lonely in this cheerful crowd. Those nights, I wonder if I can ever be truly happy. What’s wrong with me? Will I ever find a place where I belong, heart, body and soul? Will I ever again meet the people who’ll appreciate me for who I am; not what I can do, whom I know or what I have to give?

Dear home, can you help me find you?


humanobserver said...

Yes. Time will come when people will appreciate your works. becasue what you are doing in Africa I can only imagine.

Ezgi said...

Soon you won't need people to be happy, you will feel "belonging" somewhere just because you love them or there.

Jules said...

Wow thank you guys so much for your kind words.

ava said...

aww...you need a tight hug sweetie...take care..


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