You give me an injection of care, a dose just big enough to last a day. But like any other drug, the one you are giving me can be unsafe. You give too much sometimes, deliberately or not; you overdose me. “You sleep babe. I arrived safe,” my phone is beeping through the wall of mosquito netting. I can’t sleep. My mind is high on you, and this overdose gives me cravings. I’m dreading the withdrawal that is looming from around the corner. I’d rather not have any, than have so much and lose it all. And then an old saying comes to mind. “Don’t think about it being over. Be happy while it lasts.”

Image credit: Eliara


humanobserver said...

Please explain to me in what context you wrote this :)

Jules said...

hmmmm I wasn't high or anything if that's why you are asking ;)

Just a 4 a.m. text that made me think about a danger that the two people on both sides of the line are trying to avoid. It's called a relationship.

Sorry if my posts are sometimes too twisted to understand. I do intend them that way most of the time, but maybe sometimes they get out of hand :)

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