To write again

I miss the time when my pen would touch the paper and just run with its own strange effort, at its own pace, as if some knowledge of me was fundamentally laid into its ink, some knowledge I didn’t have, but the pen did. I miss the time when I didn’t write poetry... when poetry wrote me. It wrote my life, because my life was reasonably paced, paced well enough for my thoughts to have the time to settle at the tip on the pen, without me noticing, just to fill the white sheets in front of me at the very first breath of creative air, to my own surprise, to my relief, to my happiness. Life has become so jammed with things. Is it a matter or progress, growing up, or both? Where did they go, all of the creative bits that used to flood my head? They are still alive when I dream, but seem to dissolve every morning. They disappear under the weight of all the burdens I work so hard to multiply daily. They get hushed down by the buzz of life.

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Violet said...

When I read your post, it really resonated with me. I am very focused on writing song lyrics at this phase of my life. I find that writing comes easily to me only at times when I can step away from the burdens and stresses of life. I'm not going to say it is easy, but sometimes, if I take the time to separate and go to a place in my mind of childhood emotion I can. Just a thought for you, perhaps from a similar spirit.

Jules said...

Violet, thanks so much for your words. I will try to take advantage of your advice :)

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