I breath out the eluded spheres
Crystal balls of the dark remain
I’m surrounded by painless spears
Not a feeling in flesh, no pain
Running low under thickest shadows
Tribes enclose me in trance of motion
I race back through the naked meadows
Leave the firm for the vast of ocean
Rushed attempts to gulp in liberation
Suck me in with the vessel’s rubble
Cleansing dark under light temptation
Limbs are begging for right to struggle
Shiny mermaids forge absolution
Freeness vowed by comforting deep
I escape this reverse evolution
Back to shore with no face to weep...


Anonymous said...

Whoa. You sound a lot like me, you should go take a peek at my blog, I aspire to be a photographer, writer and artist, and of course one of my dreams is changing the world for the greatest good. =D

Jules said...

Hi, snow'flake :)
It's always good to find a kindred soul. Good luck with your artistic endeavors!

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