The day after us

Inside the creases of my skin
Mixed with the song of fuzzy rain
The evening’s kindness wearing thin
Your touch – the thought that ripped my brain
I dreamed you up, I told those streets
I knew the night could choose to hear
My heart kept busy counting beats
While raindrops masked the single tear

Currently listening to Malaika (Angel) by Miriam Makeba (RIP, Mama Africa, the world misses you)


humanobserver said...

Welcome back....thanks for the comment....I know you must had a great time in Africa....If possible share with your friends about your experience.....

Jules said...

Thanks, and you know I did have such an amazing time there, and yes I will share, I just wanted to keep you in suspence for a while... ;)

Nah, kidding, I simply didn'd have time, had lots of things to catch up on after I got back.

humanobserver said...

I will wait...

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