So you think you are free

Lost sense of good
Frocefully taken
From prideless hands
Freedom deprived
Painfully twisted
Drained crisply dry
Of happy claps
They wipe the spill
Buoyancy leakage
Remains of it -
Museum filler
Drenched in the sweat
Convened by truth
It’s black and white
No in between
They touch the real
Try to handle it
Sometimes they do
Sometimes they weep

Wake up, world. Wake up to realize that your freedom dream is nothing but a delusion. I scan morning papers for the obituary of compassion. Survived by whom?


humanobserver said...

hmmmm.....I think I am free....

Jules said...

You are lucky.

I consider myself not free from:
- some of my my wants and fears (only some; I think I overcame many)
- political and corporate propaganda
- media shallowness
But I guess in this poem I refer to the world overall rather than any particular person... What I meant was that the majority of the "free" world chooses not to see the lack of the freedoms within it...

I wrote this because a single memory comes back to haunt me... I saw some friends being arrested for nothing but the color of their skin. Tell me about justice and freedom.

humanobserver said...

I saw some friends being arrested for nothing but the color of their skin.
That is really sad and disgusting....But you know nobody knows how to stop this....It happens all over the world...I am not an appropriate person to comment on justice and freedom. But I would like to point out that I enjoy my freedom very much...

Jules said...

I think the only way to deal with these things is to stand up to them... I think silence is the enemy of freedom. But you know, today I am bit tipsy with this contagious feeling of hope in the air. I know in the back of my head that these attitudes won't change tomorrow, nor in a year, nor five... but I want so much to believe that one day they will. I know tomorrow I'll walk the streets and see another black man handcuffed on the ground for turning into the wrong lane; while my caucasian ass gets a "verbal warning" for virtually anything I do on the road.

Today I feel a bit dreamy, just like the rest of this country seems to be. I feel lifted by this idea that one day people will be judged by the content of their character, first and foremost. I really hope that this change in Washington trickles down to our everyday lives. I hope as people go about their lives tomorrow, they become at least a little more tolerant toward each other, be it race, ethnicity, sexuality, age, disability or views... I really want to believe that today wasn't just symbolic; that it was real.

humanobserver said...

your thought provoking replies proved that you are cut above the rest...not an ordinary woman...if possible send me a mail -

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