So you bought a gun

I glued myself to the wall, trying to walk as far from you as I could in the narrow hallway. Keep that thing away from me. You pressed the trigger. I didn't blink. It wasn't charged.

"Now I'm a true American," you said, laughing. The sad reality is that you are right. In fact, you couldn't fit in any better. First the big mortgaged house, now this gun.

"Why, why, why in the world," was all I could say.
"Just in case," you answered.

In case of what?! The crime rate in this place must be at 0.001 at most! Why would you want to join the ranks of Americans who think school shootings have nothing to do with guns sitting around in people's homes, waiting for that "just in case," which never comes unless you go out and ask for it?


Image credit: TrimiADV


humanobserver said...

Can we blame the cinema ? I guess to some extent...It is not about your own country...think about Brazil and Mexico...You know there must be a full stop to the gun culture all over the world...

Jules said...

I agree

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